How to join my future parties?

All my couples trust me with my choice of guest and I have always had a screening process since the beginning.
It is very important for me that everyone gets along and Not everyone can join.
As said previously, I need to like you and feel comfortable around you.

On the contact page you will be able to find my Instagram, KiwiSwingers and Fetlife (the little arrows symbols).
Feel free to contact me there or simply through the website to apply.

Except for the Kink parties, Before to contact me, make sure that:

- You are between 25 and 45 years old for both of you*
- You physically look after yourselves**
- You are not a single guy (unless you apply for the GB).

1 - I will need at least 2 pictures of both of you and no nudes. I have a lot of pleasure to unwrap my presents so no need to show everything straight away. In a nice outfit or bikini or lingerie are perfect.

2 - If I believe you could fit with my other guests, we organize to meet.
I personally prefer to communicate through Whatsapp for my invites. It is free, we can send photos, call and text each others and even video-call if our schedule doesn't work out for a drink/coffee in town before the next party.
If you don't have/want Whatsapp, it might slow down the process and you might not receive future invitations. But you can still message me to request to attend the next parties.

3 - When we meet, feel free to ask all questions you need. If we are both happy after that, I will send you the last details of the following party, make sure you save my contact in your phone.

4 - I will then, send you the address and last details once your payment comes through.
It is the best way I found so far to be able to confirm how many guests to expect for each night and not receiving anyone unexpected or avoiding last minute cancellation.

Don't be shy, I look forward to hearing from you !

*I may accept under 25 years old if I like you and judge you mature enough BUT I will not accept any couple that will be over 49 years old even if only one of you 2 are.

**No need to look like the Hemsworth brothers or Scarlett Johansson. But if you are one of them you are definitely in! ;)
To join my guestlist