Please note the difference between Recommending and Sponsoring your favorite couples.
Here are the differences and quick & easy steps for you to follow for both of them.

Recommending a Single Lady or a couple to join future parties:

No strings attached!
This is your easy solution if you just met a couple/lady you like who is interested in private parties or find them attractive and connected to them but did not have the time to meet.

1. Before recommending them to me please give them my website first. Yes the one you are browsing right now ;)
This first step is to make sure they would be comfortable with the environment I am providing.
2. Message me their name/nickname and preferably a picture of them.
3. Wait for my confirmation before to give them my Whatsapp.
4. They will go through the normal "screening" with me.

Sponsoring a Unicorn* or a couple to join future parties:

You would have to attend my parties at least once to be able to sponsor another couple or unicorn*.

1. Before sponsoring them please give them my website first.
I want to make sure everyone is on the same page and comfortable with the environment I am providing.
2. Message me their name/nickname and a picture of them and tell me you wish to sponsor them.
3. Give me their Whatsapp & them mine so I can send their confirmation once they confirm their spot and answer all questions if they have any
4. You will need to come to the party with them which means, you arrive at the door together.
5. If during the night they need anything, you look after them first as you are their wings for their first night, but I am always happy to help regardless :) In case of an unlikely issue they may cause, coming to the decision to be kicked out of the party, you are responsible for them and will leave the party with them.
6. If everything went well and you are happy for them to be back, then they will receive the next party invitations directly and you can come separately for the next parties if you wish to.

It is important to ALWAYS let me know FIRST who you would like to sponsor or recommend as I want to avoid non-welcomed guests trying to jump on my Guest list/Parties.

* Unicorn: I consider a unicorn, the third in your couple, you could be FFM or MMF.
Note MMF have very very limited places and need to be checked with me before to be booked in.

Sponsoring & Recommending Couples