Everyone has to respect these rules to keep the atmosphere the best at all time.
If I judge that your behavior is not tolerable you won't be given more than one warning before to be ask to leave the premises.
As well, it is very important that if you spot any unwelcomed behavior towards you and/or others, to let me know straight away, I am available for you ANYTIME, whatever I am doing, you will always come first!

  1. Dress to impress Sexy and Classy, nice matching lingerie recommended, no shorts, no jandals ( You are going on a hot date! Lace masks welcome)
  2. Toys welcome (You often find some new toys for sale)
  3. Arriving intoxicated will refuse you the entry to the party
  4. Be respectful with everyone and the premises
  5. Play the game, liberate your fantasies and have the sense of good swinger manners.
  6. Permission and consent has to be asked before any play, lady to lady preferably.
  7. Leave the choice and freedom to women
  8. Join by invitation or confirmation only
  9. Asking the boundaries before to play is very appreciated.
  10. Accept that No is NO, you may ask again later but being pushy will not be tolerated (staring naked/mast**bating at less than 1 m away is also considered pushy)
  11. Clean up your space after using
  12. No play in the SPA or Sauna
  13. The lounge is a Sociable/Rest Safe Zone, no play in that room (kisses are ok).
  14. Smoke only outside and keep your voice down (mouthwash available in the bathroom)
  15. Do not open windows without permission and keep the entrance door shut at all time.
  16. Come and leave together if you are a couple or trio & be discreet when you leave the party
  17. Keep the venue confidential at all times so as the people you meet.
  18. No pictures/videos/cameras tolerated