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As requested, An exclusive party for 5 single ladies and multiple men. Click below for more info.

  • Date: 28/05/2022 20:00
  • Location: Whitby, Porirua, Nouvelle-Zélande (Map)

Price: NZ$100


***The Queens Masquerade***

1 night only.

5 Beautiful women will be deciding on what to do with you guys!

Limited to selected 15-20 single males maximum, no exception.


* Will be dressing up or down as they desire.

* Are welcome to wear or not a Mask during the night

* Ladies decide when their play begin and finish with each male.

* Champagne on arrival for the ladies until it runs out.

* Arrival between 8-8.30pm.


* Will be arriving between 8.30-9pm.

* Dressing code is Topless with a number written on their pecs and wearing a full face mask

(provided on arrival but you can bring your own if you don't want to have your mouth covered)

* Cannot remove their mask at anytime during the night

* Give their best to seduce the ladies and serve them

* Will not be provided drinks but are welcome to byo RTDs if they think they can keep up

*  I will be selecting the Males with the ladies tastes but have no guarantee to play, consent is rule N°1

123Kinkit Rules have to be respected at all time or will be evicted and no longer be welcomed to any future parties

What males & females will find during the night:

* Pole

* Spa

* Sauna

* Massage table

* 3 Large Play rooms

* 1 bed per lady (to be chosen on arrival but can be swapped during the night)

* 2 Bathrooms + separate WC

* Snacks & soft drinks

* Chocolate treats

* Ginger treats

* Fruits

* The party finishes when all ladies decide to







* Limited capacity so first to book their spots secure their place

* No refund unless You find a replacement at least 24h prior the night

* No phone/picture/video tolerated to respect the privacy of everyone

* Always be respectful and ask consent before to join (for this party, in case of a NO, you are leaving the room immediately without questioning)

* Respect the place, all guests, the party and myself

* Selected Males & Single Ladies only

Males, how to Apply:

- You must be between 21-45 yo

- Send me 2/3 Nude body pictures of yourself

- Send me 1 Face picture (just for me to recognize you at the entrance)

- Send me a quick bio of yourself with your expectations if any

- Meet me or Do a quick video call with me (5-10min max) just to make sure we are on the same page and have all your questions answered (I will show you a body picture of the females attending at the same time as well)

Remember, Ladies are QUEENS and Gentlemen are their (body) SERVANTS

This is so hot, I look forward to this!