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  • Date: 20/01/2022 20:00 - 23/01/2022 06:00
  • Location: Auckland, Nouvelle-Zélande (Map)
  • More Info: The exact address will be sent once your place is confirmed

Price: NZ$200


***My Sweet Cherry Pie***

This time will be for 3 nights. You are welcome to come just for one, two or three nights.

A little idea on what to expect:


Let's warm up:

* Arrival between 8-9pm (No dinner option)

* Champagne Reception

* Snacks as usual

* Pole

* Massage Table

* 5+ Play Rooms with essentials

* 3 Bathrooms

* Sexy games to break the ice for the most shy.

This night may be ideal for you because:

- You like to discover the place before everyone

- You prefer smaller groups (I am expecting between 15-20 guests)

- You are after more socializing before play

- You don't like the "Pressure" of the weekend or hardly find a baby sitter on weekends

- You would like to make some more connections before coming back on the weekend (so you already know some couples when you arrive)

- You are after an early night

- You need some warm up before the weekend

- You cannot make it the other nights

- You would like to spend some time/play with your French Hostess before the "Crowd" of the weekend ;)

Friday & Saturday:

* Starting time at 7pm for dinner option and at 9-9.30pm for others.

* Between 20-26 guests expected each night

* Champagne Reception

* Pies!

* Sensual Fire show at the beginning of the night

* Pole

* Spa

* Massage table

* 5+ Play rooms with essentials

* 3 Bathrooms

* Snacks

Dress code:

Dress to impress, Sexy/Classy (no shorts, no jandals).

Feel free to follow the Pie theme if you fancy it. (I will!)

(Ideas: Jewels, edible underwear, Pin-Up, 50s Fashion etc)


1 Night:

$200/ Couple 

$90/ Single Lady

2 Nights:

$350/ Couple

$150/ Single Lady

3 Nights:

$500/ Couple

$200/ Single Lady

(If you stay 3 Nights, sleepover is available for those who come from outside Auckland for FREE. Sleepover option limited to 4 couples)

If you like to come to our socializing dinner just add $25/Dinner/Person. Be quick, places are now limited to 8!

Please remind me if you have any food allergy or intolerance when you book (I am so bad at remembering those).

Feel free to recommend your favorite couples to me. Send me pictures first if you would like them to join the fun. Be aware that you will be responsible for them, the respect of the 123kinkit rules applies to them too (see below).

- How a party runs

- Rules


- Recommending & Sponsoring your favorite couples


* Limited capacity so first to book their spots secure their place

* No refund unless You find a replacement at least 24h prior the first night

* No picture/video tolerated to respect the privacy of others

* Always be respectful and ask consent before to join, no exception

* Dress to impress (You are going on a hot date!)

* Respect the place, all guests, the party and myself

* No glasses/drinks in Play Rooms

* Remember the basic rules at all time : Rules Reminder

I look forward to celebrate with you!