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Looking to discover the Kink &/or Swingers scene? This is the party you were waiting for! Click "Read More" for more info.

  • Date: 29/04/2022 20:00
  • Location: Whitby, Porirua, Nouvelle-Zélande (Map)
  • More Info: The exact address will be sent upon confirmation of your spot

Price: NZ$130


***Cum as you are***

1 night only.

Looking on discovering more about yourself & your pleasure or just like to meet alike community?

Let your fantasies talk and join us in this kink & swingers journey.

Limited to 40 guests Maximum, no exception.

What to expect during the night:

* Arriving between 8-9.30pm

* No particular Dress code, just wear what feels right to express yourself/ kink/fantasies

* Rope points for hanging your bunny

* Swing chair

* Hanging Chains

* Female glory hole

* Pole

* Spa

* Sauna

* Massage table

* 3 Large play rooms with play essentials

* LGBT, Kinksters & Swingers welcome

* 2 Bathrooms (towels provided) + separate WC

* Snacks & soft drinks (You are welcome to bring RTDs)

* Toys and kink tools welcome

* 123Kinkit Rules have to be respected at all time



$70 Prepay only


$130 Prepay only


* Limited capacity so first to book their spots secure their place

* No refund unless You find a replacement at least 24h prior the night

* No phone/picture/video tolerated to respect the privacy of everyone

* Always be respectful and ask consent before to join and/or participate (No means NO, no exception)

* Respect the place, all guests, the party and myself

* All Genders Kinksters & Swingers are welcome to join

* You must be 25-45yo to access this party (exceptions can be made for couples only)

How to Apply:

- Send me a message with a quick Bio about yourself & expectations about the party if any

- Send me a face picture so I can recognize you when you come at the door

- Do a quick video call with me (5-10min max) just to make sure we are on the same page and have all your questions answered


Please note, to follow the actual government regulations, if more than 25 guests like to attend, a valid vaccine pass will be requested at the entrance.

This is subject to change as the regulations change as well.