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Let's Celebrate Unicorns for a whole weekend! Because, well, in our community we love them. Click READ MORE for more details.

  • Date: 22/04/2021 19:00
  • Location: Whitby, Porirua, Nouvelle-Zélande (Map)

Price: NZ$200


Bring your unicorn!

Dress code:

Dress to impress sexy and tasty.

Unicorn are topless or with a see through top

What to expect:

* 3 Nights of fun

* Around 20 guests expected each night

* Starting time at 7pm for dinner option and from 9pm for others.

* 3+ large rooms to play

* 2 Bathrooms

* 2 Spa

* Pole and swing chair for your enjoyment

* Punch, Beers and soft drinks provided

* Snacks all night

* Play essentials in each room as usual


To easy communication and play, a color code is about to start!

At your arrival, I will stamp you with a color representing the code that defines you the best.

(If you do not want ink on your skin, simply wear an obvious necklace with the color code):

RED: Beginners - Shy - Need a soft approach

BLUE: Picky - Prefer to approach first

GREEN: Horny AF - Keen on anyone anytime - Grab me to a room no talk needed

A participation is asked of:

1 Night:

$200/ Couple 

$90/ Single Lady

$260/ Trio (MMF - FFM - FFF)

3 Nights

$500/ Couple

$225/ Single Lady

$650/ Trio (MMF - FFM - FFF)

If you like to come to our socializing dinner just add $25/Dinner/Person.

Please remind me if you have any food allergy or intolerance when you book.

Remember, couples and trios arrive and leave together, nobody is left behind.

Feel free to recommend your favorite couples to me. Send me pictures first if you would like them to join the fun. Be aware that you will be responsible for them, the respect of the 123kinkit rules applies to them too (see below).

* Newbies please consult these pages before contacting me:

- How a party runs

- Rules


We propose lifts!!!!

Thank you to let me know at least the day before if you are interested to organize myself around it.

We will do a pick up from Paremata Train station for $2/person/way at 7pm, 8pm and 9pm.

And 2 drop off's for the last and first train of the day for 2$/person/way:

- 1 at Midnight

- 1 at 5am

Limited places so let me know if you are interested at the same time you book your place.


* Limited capacity so first to book their spots secure their place

* No refund unless I/You find a replacement at least 24h prior

* No picture/video tolerated to respect the privacy of others

* Always be respectful and ask consent before to join, no exception

* Dress to impress

* Respect the place, all guests and myself

* Remember the basic rules at all time : Rules Reminder

I look forward to celebrate with you!