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Bring your rigger, rope bunny, pet, slave, sub, mistress, master with you and enjoy your new connections in a safe environment. Click "Read More" for more info.

  • Date: 20/05/2022 20:00
  • Location: Whitby, Porirua, Nouvelle-Zélande (Map)
  • More Info: Exact address sent once your booking is confirmed

Price: NZ$50


***Bring Your Kink***

1 night only.

Let your fantasies talk and join us in this kink journey.

Limited to 35 guests Maximum, no exception.

What Kinksters will find during the night:

* Arriving between 8-9.30pm

* No particular Dress code, just wear what feels right to express your kink/fantasies

* Rope points to hang your rope bunny

* X for punishments

* Hanging Chains

* Lockable Cages

* Candles & Ice

* Pole

* Spa

* Sauna

* Massage table

* 3 Large play rooms

* Play & Kink Swingers welcome

* 2 Bathrooms (towels provided) + separate WC

* Snacks & soft drinks (You are welcome to bring RTDs)

* Bring the rest of the tools you need with you (furniture requests welcome for future kink parties)

* 123Kinkit Rules have to be respected at all time



$50 Prepay only


* Limited capacity so first to book their spots secure their place

* No refund unless You find a replacement at least 24h prior the night

* No phone/picture/video tolerated to respect the privacy of everyone

* Always be respectful and ask consent before to join and/or participate (No means NO, no exception)

* Respect the place, all guests, the party and myself

* All Genders Kinksters are welcome to join

* No age restriction

How to Apply:

- Send me a message with a quick Bio about your kink journey & expectations about the party if any

- Send me a face picture so I can recognize you when you come at the door

- Do a quick video call with me (5-10min max) just to make sure we are on the same page and have all your questions answered

What to expect from Me:

- I will be available all night for your needs, inquiries & suggestions

- I will be supervising the comfort and respect of everyone

- I will be wearing chains & leather lingerie

- My Rigger and/or Slave and/or Pet will accompany me


Please note, to follow the actual government regulations, if more than 25 guests like to attend, a valid vaccine pass will be requested at the entrance.

This is subject to change as the regulations change as well.