The Party:

Like in France!

Just ring/knock at the door and I will welcome you.
I will show you the entire place, reminding you of the principal rules and tips for your play and introduce you to 2-3 people in case of any (very unlikely) problem.
I will then leave you to the rest of the group, they naturally come introduce themselves when someone walks in.
I like starting the night with nice food and chat ; as it is for me easier to break the ice by asking to pass the salt instead of the girlfriend.
The conversation naturally begins there.
You will have snacks so as refreshments available all night as well.

Usually the night will start with a show or a relaxing time in the Spa or Sauna.

Then it naturally begins.

Remember you do not have to do anything, just follow your desires in the respect of others.

The Dinner:

The dinner is here because I love cooking & creating and need to eat at some point haha!
More seriously, it is here mainly for newbies and/or first timers and/or shy couples (but you are still welcome to join if you are not).
The idea is to get to know each other in a well relaxed atmosphere before the party really starts. It gives us an extra 2h to socialize before the rest of the group arrives.
I very often see, that the group who attend the dinner feels generally more relaxed and be the first ones to play.

Each time, there are limited places because I want everyone to sit around the table comfortably. The dinner itself is just an excuse to create some connection and break the ice without having to be seductive. You definitely still can but the dynamic tends to be different and much more relaxed.

The kind of food varies a lot, I try to fit with the theme of the party when I can so it can be anything from BBQs to Stews.
I cook everything from A to Z, so it is important to let me know if you have any food intolerance enough in advance.
If you are vegetarian, it is not a problem.
If you are lactose or gluten intolerant, the food choice might be more limited as it gives me more work and make most of my recipes difficult to prepare.

Starters are served as individual Verrines.
Mains are placed in the middle of the table like a Buffet so you can serve yourself the quantity you like.
Desserts are generally placed in the middle of the table or sometimes served individually.
All dinners come with wine but you are welcome to bring your favorite ones to share around if you feel like it.

You will quickly see that I set everything to be able to create conversation the easiest possible way.
I create an atmosphere with many excuses for you to approach couples you like ; table games, spa, massage table, food, drinks, decoration, theme of the party etc
How a party runs