What are the other guests preferences?

All different!
Feel free to explore your darkest desires.
Generally all single ladies are bi.
For couples most of ladies are open to play with other ladies but it happens to have straight couples. So please ALWAYS ask before to join.
For males, if 2 guys feel attracted together and want to play together I am happy for them to have fun in a play room, we are all here to fill our fantasies in respect.
NO touch/ caress/ kisses will be done without permission that is the rule number 1 for females and males.

How do I know if someone is attracted to me?

It is a date, and the best way is to break the ice.
Just be flirty!
If you like someone you have a few options/excuses to let them know.
Here are a few examples:

Starting with a compliment always helps:

* You are such a beautiful couple!
* I can spot some outstanding lingerie under your outfit (that I would love to remove later on)
* Is that your first party? Clara has a gift to bring hot couples like you around...
* How hot are you feeling right now?
* Your lipstick is outstanding, does it taste as good as it looks?

Then here are some ideas for you:

* Would you like to go to the spa or sauna with us?
* Would you like a drink/towel/snack? How would you like to thank me for it? ( and the other way around)
* Are you coming back tomorrow?( So you know you have another chance if tonight doesn't work out)
* Let's heat up this conversation, would you like to come with us in a play room? I can hear some fun going on already.
* We would love to play with you later on, please grab me when you are free!
* You lost your clothes already? Or are you just ready for me?
* Can I help you getting undressed?
* Any fantasy I can help you to fulfill tonight?
* Are you looking for a Sub or a Dom tonight? Which one are you? Should we try that out?
* You haven't been to that room? I haven't tried it either, shall we?
* I am feeling a bit cold, do you have a solution for me to warm up?

etc, etc...

If you are the shy type, try 3 ice breaker sentences that fit your personality and just use them until you feel more comfortable for an improvisation flirt ;)

What about hygiene?

I expect everyone to have showers during the night:

Bathrooms, shower(s), towels and some cosmetics are available all night to freshen you up.
During your play you have of course male protection and warm coconut oil in each room.
For before/ after play you have cleaning products and bins in each room as well.

I cannot make it, can you refund me?

To confirm your venue, you will need to send the payment through to receive the address of the next event. It means to me that you are committed to come.

I prepare/buy/rent everything with the budget I have with the numbers of bookings done and the number of guests expected.

If you are cancelling, it means I will need to find another couple to replace you. That I am on full capacity or not, this can take time and not finding anyone is very likely to run me at a loss.
As well, before you are booking your spot, I will tell you how many people to expect that night, and if anyone was able to cancel anytime it will mean I won't be able to give anyone, any accurate information about the number of guests expected.

For these reasons, I do not offer refunds.

But, if you know a couple who want your spot before the weekend starts that meets the criteria of my guest list, we can arrange this together and I am more than happy to refund you.

How do you choose your guests?

By feeling essentially.
I need to feel attracted to them, feel that they are respectful and playful and that they can fit with my other guests.

I find them everywhere, even in places you wouldn't imagine, and that is why you will always find new peoples every night.

How long the party last?

It all depends on everyone, some are unbreakable and others prefer to leave early. So far I am trying to put a cutting time at  2-3am.
But you are free to leave anytime you feel like.

Are the snacks Vegan/Gluten free etc?

If you have any intolerance, the best is to ask me first thing when you arrive as you will always have some Vegan and Gluten free options

Do I have to play?

Absolutely NOT, you can simply enjoy the atmosphere, meeting new people, enjoying the spa and sauna or just playing with your partner and no-one else if you choose to.

You can also just play with single ladies, doing side by side with no swap or just watching.

I always keep at least 1 room with a preference code to hang on the door to make it easier for others to understand and not interrupting (Single females only, No swapping etc).

Why an age range? Do you always stick to it? How old are generally the other couples?

The age range is here because I believe it is much easier to find someone attractive around your age, than someone who is double your age.
Don't get me wrong, I have found some men past 50yo very attractive but it happens much more rarely than someone around my age.

Yes. This age range is around mine and I always stick to it.

Most of my couples are mainly around early-mid 30s.
But you can find anyone between 21 (for females and 26 for males) and 45 years old.

There are many hosts around NZ with different age ranges. If you cannot access my parties because of this, they could be an option for you.

What about if I have a problem or need assistance during the night?

It is very unlikely to happen but if it does or anything is missing or you need help to connect with another couple; when you first arrive to the premises I will show you the entire place, present you to the rest of the group and show you at least 2-3 people that you can first approach in that case (myself included).

Remember, I am here for you all night and whatever I am doing, you will always come first!

Do I need to wear protection all the time, even with my partner?

Yes, you do need to wear protection with everyone.
Toys included please.
Everything is provided for you in each play room.

With your partner, no you don't have to, but remember that ladies get excited, and it can go a long way past it, so remember to take a shower in between by respect to your partner.

What about if I recognize somebody or somebody recognize me?

You will always have the option to wear a mask ( sexy please, not a Halloween mask) and why not a wig.
If there is someone you absolutely don't want to cross (an ex partner for example), you can send me a picture of that person and I will make sure you never meet each others.
As well, I can let you know when all guests arrived so you are free to remove your mask (except during the masquerades parties where you can keep your mask all night).

If you recognize somebody, just let me know and I will make sure in future you don't see that person again in the same night and you can come back on the following night instead.

Please keep in mind that if you see them at the party, it means they are living the same lifestyle than you, so you shouldn't stress too much about it.

How the males can keep up?

Haha yes, it is a tricky one!

Well, having a warm up night with a couple you like about a week before the party definitely helps!
Otherwise, come to find me before or during the night, I might have a secret tip for you ;-)

Can I have pictures of the other guests?

Absolutely NOT!
I respect the privacy of everyone and you should too. No pictures neither videos or cameras are tolerated.

So how can I know if the other guests are hot?

Well, I am sorry but I cannot guarantee you that. Everyone has different tastes and I choose my guests with my tastes. I will of course take my friends taste in consideration too.
If I choose you for a first contact then you should be able to find your happiness.

Can I bring drinks with me?

Mmmmh I prefer not.
At least not the first time you are coming.
Depending of the place I rent you might not be able to bring any drink at all so better to ask me first before to arrive with it.