The most playful parties in Wellington & Auckland

Why keep it a fantasy?

About me
I am Clara , I am from South of France and swinger since forever (yes, no joke, I am one of them!).
I live in New Zealand since 2015.

When I first arrived, my first search was into swingers clubs and private parties.
And even if I managed to get some fun here and there, I couldn't completely be satisfied, neither fill my fantasies or feeling that comfortable anywhere; it could be from the place or the pressure of playing (I am bad at saying no) or the couple's age or simply no attraction to them.

Coming from the country that started this whole world of swinging and swapping ... I was sad and frustrated.

(Swinging started to become popular in the royal court from the 17th century with King Louis XIV in Versailles)

But I had friends to play with who introduced me to their contacts, who introduced me to others etc

I organized parties when I felt like it but mainly made them happen on the moment.
But it was never enough for me and decided to meet more swingers around which was far more exciting...
Nope, you are not alone, we are a huge community!

So in 2019, in Wellington, I decided to create bigger parties than what I was doing already and meet these exciting new couples.

In 2021, I merged with Eightoutof10 parties in Auckland to expand my parties to further North as well.

I usually consider all my guests as my friends and to me it is very important that I feel comfortable with you so everyone can get along.
You are coming to my party and about to meet my circle, we will meet prior so, in that way, I am sure that you understand how I run the night and to have all your questions answered before to come. Would you let a perfect stranger meet your family on your behalf before to meet them?
I need to feel that you can fit, that you are an attractive and respectful person with an open (swingers) mind.
But I know, the way I organize my parties are not for everyone.
I am a foreigner with a very particular lifestyle and organise them the way I am comfortable at them.
Meeting you is a way for both of us to make sure you will get along with everyone. If I am not comfortable with you or you are not with me, then it is very unlikely you will get along with my couples.
Otherwise, I am sure you will find other hosts who can fulfill your fantasies.

Please note my parties are Swingers parties and not orgies neither gang bangs. These 2 last situations are possible to happen if the night turns that way but only couples and single ladies are invited to my swingers parties.

In 2022, Because of the amount of requests I received, I started to organize high standards Gang Bangs called " The Queens Masquerade", the ladies choose the males and are in total control. All single males become their sex slaves for the night ( more details in the events section).
As well, I started Kink Parties which are open to everyone of any age/sex/body shape/sexual preferences. Those parties are not swingers parties but you are still welcome to play. They are more directed towards kinks and fetishes.
My LGBTQ friendly parties are open to everyone as well (within the 25-45yo age range) but single straight males are not welcome.
To all my parties except the Kink parties, I do not accept more than 1 male for one lady.

Everyone has freedom to do as they please (and play or not), I just organize the place, the atmosphere and the guests.
The Party:

Like in France!

Just ring/knock at the door and I will welcome you.
I will show you the entire place, reminding you of the principal rules and tips for your play and introduce you to 2-3 people in case of any (very unlikely) problem.
I will then leave you to the rest of the group, they naturally come introduce themselves when someone walks in.
I like starting the night with nice food and chat ; as it is for me easier to break the ice by asking to pass the salt instead of the girlfriend.
The conversation naturally begins there.
You will have snacks so as refreshments available all night as well.

Usually the night will start with a show or a relaxing time in the Spa or Sauna.

Then it naturally begins.

Remember you do not have to do anything, just follow your desires in the respect of others.

The Dinner:

The dinner is here because I love cooking & creating and need to eat at some point haha!
More seriously, it is here mainly for newbies and/or first timers and/or shy couples (but you are still welcome to join if you are not).
The idea is to get to know each other in a well relaxed atmosphere before the party really starts. It gives us an extra 2h to socialize before the rest of the group arrives.
I very often see, that the group who attend the dinner feels generally more relaxed and be the first ones to play.

Each time, there are limited places because I want everyone to sit around the table comfortably. The dinner itself is just an excuse to create some connection and break the ice without having to be seductive. You definitely still can but the dynamic tends to be different and much more relaxed.

The kind of food varies a lot, I try to fit with the theme of the party when I can so it can be anything from BBQs to Stews.
I cook everything from A to Z, so it is important to let me know if you have any food intolerance enough in advance.
If you are vegetarian, it is not a problem.
If you are lactose or gluten intolerant, the food choice might be more limited as it gives me more work and make most of my recipes difficult to prepare.

Starters are served as individual Verrines.
Mains are placed in the middle of the table like a Buffet so you can serve yourself the quantity you like.
Desserts are generally placed in the middle of the table or sometimes served individually.
All dinners come with wine but you are welcome to bring your favorite ones to share around if you feel like it.

You will quickly see that I set everything to be able to create conversation the easiest possible way.
I create an atmosphere with many excuses for you to approach couples you like ; table games, spa, massage table, food, drinks, decoration, theme of the party etc
How a party runs
Everyone has to respect these rules to keep the atmosphere the best at all time.
If I judge that your behavior is not tolerable you won't be given more than one warning before to be ask to leave the premises.
As well, it is very important that if you spot any unwelcomed behavior towards you and/or others, to let me know straight away, I am available for you ANYTIME, whatever I am doing, you will always come first!

  1. Dress to impress Sexy and Classy, nice matching lingerie recommended, no shorts, no jandals ( You are going on a hot date! Lace masks welcome)
  2. Toys welcome (You often find some new toys for sale)
  3. Arriving intoxicated will refuse you the entry to the party
  4. Be respectful with everyone and the premises
  5. Play the game, liberate your fantasies and have the sense of good swinger manners.
  6. Permission and consent has to be asked before any play, lady to lady preferably.
  7. Leave the choice and freedom to women
  8. Join by invitation or confirmation only
  9. Asking the boundaries before to play is very appreciated.
  10. Accept that No is NO, you may ask again later but being pushy will not be tolerated (staring naked/mast**bating at less than 1 m away is also considered pushy)
  11. Clean up your space after using
  12. No play in the SPA or Sauna
  13. The lounge is a Sociable/Rest Safe Zone, no play in that room (kisses are ok).
  14. Smoke only outside and keep your voice down (mouthwash available in the bathroom)
  15. Do not open windows without permission and keep the entrance door shut at all time.
  16. Come and leave together if you are a couple or trio & be discreet when you leave the party
  17. Keep the venue confidential at all times so as the people you meet.
  18. No pictures/videos/cameras tolerated


Because my parties are one of the most playful/active in New Zealand...
Gov NZ rules will always be followed.
Under level Orange, no vaccine pass is needed and capacity will be as usual.
To add a piece of mind to all my guests, some extra precaution have been put in place in addition.

Antigen test & Temperature will be taken prior entry for the Swingers parties & GB only.

To access the parties you will need to bring your negative antigen test with you (done the same day. Yes, the actual plastic test).
I will also have some available (this takes 16 minutes to get done so I recommend to arrive a bit earlier to do this in your car, you won't enter the property without it).
Your temperature will be taken on your forehead before entry.
Your temperature shall not exceed 37,5°C or you will be turn down.

If you show a high temperature/positive test at the door:
You are welcome to move your booking minus a $70 fee (& dinner fee if any), to at least 30 days after the day.
Choose your date wisely, as the normal cancellation policy will apply for your scheduled date. ( No refund unless You find a replacement at least 24h prior)

If you are tested positive within 10 days prior the date:
You are welcome to move your booking (minus dinner fee if less than 48h prior) to at least 30 days after the day you have been tested positive.
Choose your date wisely, as you won't be able to reschedule for free a second time, the normal cancellation policy will apply for your scheduled date. ( No refund unless You find a replacement at least 24h prior).
How to join my future parties?

All my couples trust me with my choice of guest and I have always had a screening process since the beginning.
It is very important for me that everyone gets along and Not everyone can join.
As said previously, I need to like you and feel comfortable around you.

On the contact page you will be able to find my Instagram, KiwiSwingers and Fetlife (the little arrows symbols).
Feel free to contact me there or simply through the website to apply.

Except for the Kink parties, Before to contact me, make sure that:

- You are between 25 and 45 years old for both of you*
- You physically look after yourselves**
- You are not a single guy (unless you apply for the GB).

1 - I will need at least 2 pictures of both of you and no nudes. I have a lot of pleasure to unwrap my presents so no need to show everything straight away. In a nice outfit or bikini or lingerie are perfect.

2 - If I believe you could fit with my other guests, we organize to meet.
I personally prefer to communicate through Whatsapp for my invites. It is free, we can send photos, call and text each others and even video-call if our schedule doesn't work out for a drink/coffee in town before the next party.
If you don't have/want Whatsapp, it might slow down the process and you might not receive future invitations. But you can still message me to request to attend the next parties.

3 - When we meet, feel free to ask all questions you need. If we are both happy after that, I will send you the last details of the following party, make sure you save my contact in your phone.

4 - I will then, send you the address and last details once your payment comes through.
It is the best way I found so far to be able to confirm how many guests to expect for each night and not receiving anyone unexpected or avoiding last minute cancellation.

Don't be shy, I look forward to hearing from you !

*I may accept under 25 years old if I like you and judge you mature enough BUT I will not accept any couple that will be over 49 years old even if only one of you 2 are.

**No need to look like the Hemsworth brothers or Scarlett Johansson. But if you are one of them you are definitely in! ;)
To join my guestlist

Next Party on

On Holiday at the moment, will be back with new dates soon

See you soon :)

Sorry, registration has ended.

The Queens Masquerade round 2

As requested, An exclusive party for 5 single ladies and multiple men. Click below for more info.

  • Date: 28/05/2022 20:00
  • Location: Whitby, Porirua, Nouvelle-Zélande (Map)

Price: NZ$100

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French Bastille week-end 16 Jul 2020Lower Hutt, Nouvelle-Zélande
New Year Boat Celebration 18 Jan 2020Wellington, Nouvelle-Zélande
Masquerade 31 Oct 201915min from Wellington CBD
Please note the difference between Recommending and Sponsoring your favorite couples.
Here are the differences and quick & easy steps for you to follow for both of them.

Recommending a Single Lady or a couple to join future parties:

No strings attached!
This is your easy solution if you just met a couple/lady you like who is interested in private parties or find them attractive and connected to them but did not have the time to meet.

1. Before recommending them to me please give them my website first. Yes the one you are browsing right now ;)
This first step is to make sure they would be comfortable with the environment I am providing.
2. Message me their name/nickname and preferably a picture of them.
3. Wait for my confirmation before to give them my Whatsapp.
4. They will go through the normal "screening" with me.

Sponsoring a Unicorn* or a couple to join future parties:

You would have to attend my parties at least once to be able to sponsor another couple or unicorn*.

1. Before sponsoring them please give them my website first.
I want to make sure everyone is on the same page and comfortable with the environment I am providing.
2. Message me their name/nickname and a picture of them and tell me you wish to sponsor them.
3. Give me their Whatsapp & them mine so I can send their confirmation once they confirm their spot and answer all questions if they have any
4. You will need to come to the party with them which means, you arrive at the door together.
5. If during the night they need anything, you look after them first as you are their wings for their first night, but I am always happy to help regardless :) In case of an unlikely issue they may cause, coming to the decision to be kicked out of the party, you are responsible for them and will leave the party with them.
6. If everything went well and you are happy for them to be back, then they will receive the next party invitations directly and you can come separately for the next parties if you wish to.

It is important to ALWAYS let me know FIRST who you would like to sponsor or recommend as I want to avoid non-welcomed guests trying to jump on my Guest list/Parties.

* Unicorn: I consider a unicorn, the third in your couple, you could be FFM or MMF.
Note MMF have very very limited places and need to be checked with me before to be booked in.

Sponsoring & Recommending Couples

What are the other guests preferences?

All different!
Feel free to explore your darkest desires.
Generally all single ladies are bi.
For couples most of ladies are open to play with other ladies but it happens to have straight couples. So please ALWAYS ask before to join.
For males, if 2 guys feel attracted together and want to play together I am happy for them to have fun in a play room, we are all here to fill our fantasies in respect.
NO touch/ caress/ kisses will be done without permission that is the rule number 1 for females and males.

How do I know if someone is attracted to me?

It is a date, and the best way is to break the ice.
Just be flirty!
If you like someone you have a few options/excuses to let them know.
Here are a few examples:

Starting with a compliment always helps:

* You are such a beautiful couple!
* I can spot some outstanding lingerie under your outfit (that I would love to remove later on)
* Is that your first party? Clara has a gift to bring hot couples like you around...
* How hot are you feeling right now?
* Your lipstick is outstanding, does it taste as good as it looks?

Then here are some ideas for you:

* Would you like to go to the spa or sauna with us?
* Would you like a drink/towel/snack? How would you like to thank me for it? ( and the other way around)
* Are you coming back tomorrow?( So you know you have another chance if tonight doesn't work out)
* Let's heat up this conversation, would you like to come with us in a play room? I can hear some fun going on already.
* We would love to play with you later on, please grab me when you are free!
* You lost your clothes already? Or are you just ready for me?
* Can I help you getting undressed?
* Any fantasy I can help you to fulfill tonight?
* Are you looking for a Sub or a Dom tonight? Which one are you? Should we try that out?
* You haven't been to that room? I haven't tried it either, shall we?
* I am feeling a bit cold, do you have a solution for me to warm up?

etc, etc...

If you are the shy type, try 3 ice breaker sentences that fit your personality and just use them until you feel more comfortable for an improvisation flirt ;)

What about hygiene?

I expect everyone to have showers during the night:

Bathrooms, shower(s), towels and some cosmetics are available all night to freshen you up.
During your play you have of course male protection and warm coconut oil in each room.
For before/ after play you have cleaning products and bins in each room as well.

I cannot make it, can you refund me?

To confirm your venue, you will need to send the payment through to receive the address of the next event. It means to me that you are committed to come.

I prepare/buy/rent everything with the budget I have with the numbers of bookings done and the number of guests expected.

If you are cancelling, it means I will need to find another couple to replace you. That I am on full capacity or not, this can take time and not finding anyone is very likely to run me at a loss.
As well, before you are booking your spot, I will tell you how many people to expect that night, and if anyone was able to cancel anytime it will mean I won't be able to give anyone, any accurate information about the number of guests expected.

For these reasons, I do not offer refunds.

But, if you know a couple who want your spot before the weekend starts that meets the criteria of my guest list, we can arrange this together and I am more than happy to refund you.

How do you choose your guests?

By feeling essentially.
I need to feel attracted to them, feel that they are respectful and playful and that they can fit with my other guests.

I find them everywhere, even in places you wouldn't imagine, and that is why you will always find new peoples every night.

How long the party last?

It all depends on everyone, some are unbreakable and others prefer to leave early. So far I am trying to put a cutting time at  2-3am.
But you are free to leave anytime you feel like.

Are the snacks Vegan/Gluten free etc?

If you have any intolerance, the best is to ask me first thing when you arrive as you will always have some Vegan and Gluten free options

Do I have to play?

Absolutely NOT, you can simply enjoy the atmosphere, meeting new people, enjoying the spa and sauna or just playing with your partner and no-one else if you choose to.

You can also just play with single ladies, doing side by side with no swap or just watching.

I always keep at least 1 room with a preference code to hang on the door to make it easier for others to understand and not interrupting (Single females only, No swapping etc).

Why an age range? Do you always stick to it? How old are generally the other couples?

The age range is here because I believe it is much easier to find someone attractive around your age, than someone who is double your age.
Don't get me wrong, I have found some men past 50yo very attractive but it happens much more rarely than someone around my age.

Yes. This age range is around mine and I always stick to it.

Most of my couples are mainly around early-mid 30s.
But you can find anyone between 21 (for females and 26 for males) and 45 years old.

There are many hosts around NZ with different age ranges. If you cannot access my parties because of this, they could be an option for you.

What about if I have a problem or need assistance during the night?

It is very unlikely to happen but if it does or anything is missing or you need help to connect with another couple; when you first arrive to the premises I will show you the entire place, present you to the rest of the group and show you at least 2-3 people that you can first approach in that case (myself included).

Remember, I am here for you all night and whatever I am doing, you will always come first!

Do I need to wear protection all the time, even with my partner?

Yes, you do need to wear protection with everyone.
Toys included please.
Everything is provided for you in each play room.

With your partner, no you don't have to, but remember that ladies get excited, and it can go a long way past it, so remember to take a shower in between by respect to your partner.

What about if I recognize somebody or somebody recognize me?

You will always have the option to wear a mask ( sexy please, not a Halloween mask) and why not a wig.
If there is someone you absolutely don't want to cross (an ex partner for example), you can send me a picture of that person and I will make sure you never meet each others.
As well, I can let you know when all guests arrived so you are free to remove your mask (except during the masquerades parties where you can keep your mask all night).

If you recognize somebody, just let me know and I will make sure in future you don't see that person again in the same night and you can come back on the following night instead.

Please keep in mind that if you see them at the party, it means they are living the same lifestyle than you, so you shouldn't stress too much about it.

How the males can keep up?

Haha yes, it is a tricky one!

Well, having a warm up night with a couple you like about a week before the party definitely helps!
Otherwise, come to find me before or during the night, I might have a secret tip for you ;-)

Can I have pictures of the other guests?

Absolutely NOT!
I respect the privacy of everyone and you should too. No pictures neither videos or cameras are tolerated.

So how can I know if the other guests are hot?

Well, I am sorry but I cannot guarantee you that. Everyone has different tastes and I choose my guests with my tastes. I will of course take my friends taste in consideration too.
If I choose you for a first contact then you should be able to find your happiness.

Can I bring drinks with me?

Mmmmh I prefer not.
At least not the first time you are coming.
Depending of the place I rent you might not be able to bring any drink at all so better to ask me first before to arrive with it.
Would you like to join the next 123Kinkit party?
Please fill the form below and I will be in touch shortly with different time options for our video-call.

* All information & pictures will stay confidential and will not be shared with others nor published in any way. Discretion is an essential element of 123Kinkit events.


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